August 26, 2009


Remember "Grandma Comics"? If not, it fits the spirit of the character (she has Alzheimer's real bad), so you're cool. She's back and the same as ever.

She looks just like the Hippie-Crite and swears just like him too. In the fifth panel I couldn't draw an old lady driving a car so I straight jacked one. Besides building things and ending conversations, drawing is one of my worst talents. I just can't make my hands do what my mind wants it to. But I can play most sports reasonably well, so I'm not completely useless.

The fall season is almost upon us, which means dead leaves, lots of root vegetables and new TV. I'm pleased as punch that two of my favourite shows - Project Runway and Top Chef - will be back with new contestants who have dumb hair.

Speaking of dumb hair, Liv and I have totally given up on Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I loved watching their train wreck of a marriage fall apart in front of the world, but since they've reverted back to just farting around and doing expensive activities with their emotionally damaged children, it just doesn't appeal to me. Also, I was a once staunch supporter of "Jon", but his recent behaviour and his fondness for the worst clothes in the galaxy, have turned me against him. I guess I won't "plug" his show any longer.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. That comic is so funny, but depressing at the same time.

Duke of Spook said...

Thanks anonymous!

I guess it's like the Jim Carrey of comics

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