August 25, 2009


Internet Time Machine with Dr. Theodore Greed

In my line of work, I'm on the Internet all day. My line of work is that I'm a doctor. A doctor of what? A magician never reveals his tricks.

Between Googling the shit out of everything and maintaining a flawless Wikipedia page on the 8-bit operating system "GEOS" (don't bother fucking with it, I'll have things back to normal before you can say "Cha Cha Cha"), I like to spend some time on This website lets you see archived versions of any URL you type in. Glenn asked me to come in today and not only warp your pea brains with hot Internet action, but also point you to an old website he and his friends used to have because he hasn't done anything cool in the last 24 hours and thus has nothing to tell you.

Go to that URL provided above, type in, and take a virtual trip down history road on a digital hyper board that travels at the speed of high speed Internet.

For What I Did and How I Am, I've been Dr. Theodore Greed. Doctor of what? AHAHAHAHAHHA, you wish you waste of space. Surf on.

Checking out the old Polecats website probably isn't all that exciting, but don't stop there. Try it with your favourites and behold the retro future. We've come a long way, baby!

I don't think I have any plans this weekend, so I'm going to ACTUALLY try shopping for new shirts. I think the oldest t-shirt I own dates back to grade 11, making it about 10 years old or so. I love my team dearly, but sometimes you gotta bring in some young guns. The tough part is going to be figuring out which to keep and which to rid myself of. I'll keep you posted and maybe a few of you lucky readers can inherit a shirt of your own! Gross? Weird?

What do you think of Dr. Greed? Gross? Weird?


Rachael said...

I was hoping to gather the troops for an adventure at Cherry Beach, picknick style. Alas the temps are going to be lows

Duke of Spook said...

Well if that changes I'm certainly IN

Duke of Spook said...

Also, after going through my shirts today, I believe my oldest is a pre-grade 11 Primus shirt that I decided I must keep.

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