August 7, 2009


I think what I'll do is continue yesterday's discussion on not stinking and further the examination of my physical self. Consider it part 2 of a two part series called "Priceless Artifact, Valuable Work - My Bod".

Let's talk hair

I've always had a classic love/hate relationship with my wig. My standard youth cut was a classic mushroom, which eventually morphed into the 1990's cool guy staple, the "under cut", facilitated by a home haircutting kit I got for Christmas. In grade 8 I made a monumental decision to rid myself of the under cut and went to a salon for a trim. I think it looked good. I also brought out the highlights with some henna. Good move by me.

Early stages of the under cut. I wore those pajamas to school once and people thought I was the coolest then everyone started doing it. Remember that trend? Pajamas?

In mid high school all the way up to the end of university my hair was shaggy and unruly for the most part. Girls never noticed me because of my muscles but they did notice my touchable, fine, baby soft hair. The way I saw it, a girl touching your hair is still a girl touching you so it was fine by me, even if they had no interest in my butt or wiener.

High School graduation. Ready to grab the world by the arm and say "let's play something"

In university genetics kicked in and I hit what I consider "second puberty" which is hair loss. Luckily for me it's been a slow burn and I'm still no Danny DeVito, but it still stinks having your hair style limited to short or smarmy. When you lose hair you go through all sorts of stages - denial, anger, curiosity, ambivalence and finally acceptance. So that's where I'm at today. Still soft, but I've lost some soldiers along the way. This weekend I want you to reflect on your hair and maybe write a stanza or two about it.

I wanted to delve deeper into the psychology of a guy losing his hair but I think I summed it up pretty good up there. If you have any questions feel free to ask because it's my job to educate. Let's chat!


scott said...

I used to have a head of long straight hair,
Though I never used a bobby pin,
I cut it all off - almost bare,
After being mistaken for a girl at the Mandarin.

I think I've got a good head of hair. I don't think I'm losing it at all, whether by receding hair line or bald spot. Though I have been slowly going grey for awhile, but I got no problem with that.

What's your hair regimen? I simply shampoo with Herbal Essences. Never really seen a need for conditioner.

Duke of Spook said...

Yeah your hair is lustrous. That's pretty much my routine as well. My mop is soft enough, no need for conditioner unless my scalp's dry. Now where did you get that poem?

scott said...

You asked for a stanza about my hair, you got a stanza about my hair.

You were there, you laughed at me. Bastard.

highwaisted said...

aw that was a nice post. getting older is somethin else huh. like something your parents didnt really warn you enough about. siiiiiigh

Duke of Spook said...

awwww thanks dogg. and man, it's a trip.

Scott - ahahahahaha I laugh at you again. I forgot about that. That poem was eloquent!!!

Rachael said...

Oh man
The best.
I used to look like a boy, I didnt know I had curly hair so I would let it get greasy, mash it with some gel, then pull on a wool touque and curse the world under my breath.
I was an emo kid, I listened to the Simpsons sing the blues a lot.

Turner once dressed up like Milli Vanilli for school complete with yarn braids...he clearly had it worse than me.
I have photos.

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