August 24, 2009


This past weekend was a potpourri of entertainment, love and relaxation, which I'm pretty sure is what women seek when they go to the spa.

On Friday I forwent partying to save my energy and my stomach for Saturday's big wedding. Liv and I headed to the local video shop and picked up James Toback's "TYSON". Folks, let me tell you something - this movie will change the way you think about a man. When was the last time a film did that for you? Your rom coms and blood thrillers don't give you that kind of brain spell. Before I saw this movie I thought Mike Tyson was a psycho rapist who would murder anyone who looked at him the wrong way. Now I think he's a misunderstood psycho rapist, a complex and damaged man, whose life us suburban bred crackers can't even begin to understand. See guy who thought I hate every movie? I like this one a whole lot.

Saturday was the big day for my friends Hayden and Julia. No, they didn't go tandem skydiving, they got married. The Ojibway ceremony was wonderful, enhanced greatly by the surrounding forest. We got to smell smoke, drink sacred water and eat corn, wild rice and blueberries.

My friends watch as love blossoms, with tons of mosquitoes hovering amongst us. Were they in love too? Probably not, mosquitoes only care about sex and blood.

We're not allowed to post wedding pictures on the Internet per the bride and groom, so here's some stock footage:

Andy and I MC'd the reception, and I think we did pretty good. We had some good jokes and kept things moving smoooooooove. Our 40oz beer drinking kissing game trivia challenge wasn't as popular as I would've hoped, but then again 40s are gross and the one we had was real warm.

Sunday afternoon I took a very rare nap after watching the first episode of the Sopranos a popular television show that began at the turn of the century. The only way I can nap is if I'm severely tired, because otherwise I put too much pressure on myself to fall asleep and when it doesn't happen right away I get frustrated and get up.

Sunday night I went to the Rivoli for the Laugh Sabbath three year anniversary. What a bunch of guys! Check out some of their websites in the "Eyeball These" section of this website.

Are we ready for a productive week? Your goal should be to buy everyone's Christmas presents now and save yourself the trouble later. So many summer deals and hot looks out there right now.

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