October 8, 2008


FedEx said they came again but they didn't!!!!!!!!!!

Why does this always happen? FedEx is supposed to be the best right?! I'm a UPS man from now until forever. Mark my words. Maybe I'll write them a strongly worded letter. It worked in Summer School. Get some Cool Dude sunglasses, know what I mean?

I can't concentrate I'm so mad. All this for the shittiest DVD which I'm only buying because my friend is in it:


ROARRRR like that T-Rex ooooooooooooooooo I wish I could eat that inept FedEx driver! Not really, but if I turned into a dinosaur today I'd go after him. No court would convict me except dinosaur court, but T-Rex is judge in dinosaur court probably! AHHHHHh

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