October 1, 2008


I'm a bit of a go-getter right? Sort of? Not really. On weekdays I try so hard (mentally) to force myself to do something other than watch TV and prepare meals. I'm talking about before and after work. Is this because I'm getting old or because I'm lazy? I'm not old. Last night when I got home I played NHL for two hours, even though I knew it's make me really mad. If you didn't know I was talking about a video game there, you might've pictured me running around my apartment in a hockey jersey pretending to score goals and make saves. I think I have done that before actually. Maybe I'll start a business. The other night while falling asleep I had a brilliant idea to open a fruit stand but not a shitty one, like a really good one. I thought it was a great idea, but upon reflection, there's plenty of those in the city. Back to the drawing board. I still have big dreams to manufacture "The Beach Pillow". You just wait. I saw this guy's invention on Dragon's Den the other day and I thought it was pretty good (reusable pizza delivery box), but the dragons said it was the worst idea they've ever seen, so I don't think I'd be much of a business man. I couldn't sell radishes to a damn rabbit I'm so bad!

Let's get into the next topic. Here's a segue: I was SITTING, WATCHING TV and an Amanda Marshall video came on the MuchMoreMusic Retro channel and it reminded me of how much I dislike singer/songwriters. I just don't buy it man. How can someone be so emotional?? I believe Bruce Springstein and Neil Young though. This is sort of related to my hatred of people who give massages who aren't professionals. Have I mentioned that before? I think I have. I guess I just don't like anything that isn't authentic, one-of-a-kind. When I see see a shitty singer-songwriter I feel like they're just copying someone else, even though that probably isn't true - just as the people giving non-professional massages are just doing what the think they should be doing, not what they should ACTUALLY be doing. Which is why I never take a massage from anyone who isn't a licensed massage therapist... which means I've never had a massage. People have tried to give them to me, but I just don't trust them. Back rubs are different. Any Tim, Mark or Justina can give one of those.

Did that make sense? I don't think I explained myself very clearly. There was too much business talk up there, so lets get sillier:

Here's a sweet treat! A list of my favourite chocolate bars in no particular order, past and present!

1. Three Muskateers

2. Snickers

3. Twix

4. Caramilk

5. Crispy Crunch

6. Wunderbar

That's like 60% of chocolate bars out there, so really I just love chocolate bars. Who doesn't? If you don't I honestly think you're weird. I don't get that. What's not to love? There's a lot of variety, you must enjoy at least one. Similarily, last week I was just sitting there and thinking and I decided that if you're around my age and The Simpsons and Seinfeld ISN'T in your top 3 shows of all time, you're weird. That's a fact. The world is round, hamburgers are delicious, the grass is green and sometimes brown, get off my face and outta town! <------- There I was trying to list things that are facts and I was mixing in my own facts like hamburgers, but I got bored and turned it into a children's rhyme!!! COOL


highwaisted said...

i love all those chocolate bars equally as well

Anonymous said...

that reusable pizza box WAS the worst idea ever. the guy has already spent 10 yrs and like $70 G's on it. WTF. i love when those dragons shoot down ideas.
by the way, i agree with you about wunderbar being a supreme treat, but three musketeers? come on now glenn. there's no substance there.

Duke of Spook said...

The philosophy behind Three Musketeers is "do one thing really well". That light airy nougat is second to none. I could eat a whole bowl of that stuff. Adding anything else to it would be like adding... oh I don't know, sparkles in Heinz Ketchup you know?

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