October 3, 2008


Remember a while back when I mentioned looking at the newspaper every morning and hoping that the front page will be about aliens?? Here's some more insight:

Do you think that if aliens came the news would dominate everything? Like if I went to TSN's website the day aliens came, would the news be about sports or aliens?? Probably both - like "ALL SPORTS CANCELLED TODAY BECAUSE OF ALIEN VISIT" or "PRESIDENT RECRUITS ATHLETES TO FIGHT ALIENS JUST IN CASE - MICHAEL PHELPS PATROLS THE SEAS". I think that's how it would go. Usually if an event happens that "changes the world", it's something bad (war, war, planes flying into buildings, war, global warming) so it'd be nice for something positive to happen for a change. If aliens find us there's a good chance they'll be totally cool and show us how to fly and harvest poo or something and turn it into high protein baby feed.

I think that if Barack Obama wins this U.S. election it'll change the world for the better. The world's better off when the U.S. are the good guys, not the stupid guys. I was watching the debate last night and I really thought I heard Palin say "shit" but I think she said "ship". I rewinded it a few times and I still couldn't tell. But since no one mentioned it after, it must've been "ship". It's funny because I thought Palin was terrible but on TV everyone said she did pretty good. I think it's because in the U.S. they're looking more for style not substance and that's what she delivered. People pick their favourite based on star power it seems. The Canadian debate was way better. The round table format was great. Jack Layton looks like a guy that hangs around cottage country, is friends with everyone and can fix anything for a resonable price. Elizabeth May looks like an annoying school principal and Stephen Harper looks like the weird guy everyone knew in high school that was into things no one else was into, like the stock market and chemistry. The others look straight forward I guess.

Every now and then I'll get a song or a saying stuck in my head from a movie or a song from childhood. There's this song from Naked Gun 331/3 that enters my head every so often and today I finally set out to hear it again for real. Watch this YouTube clip, skip to about minute, forty seconds in and enjoy.

So silly! I remember thinking the term poo poo platter was the funniest thing when I heard this. That's probably not even how you spell it but I don't care. It'd be funny if the guys down at the waste treatment plant call a frisbee swimming in shit a "poo poo platter".

"Ah man, something's clogging the drain again. Go down there and check it out Dino."
"Okay fine, but you have to give me your lunch."
"What did you bring?"
"Crackers and olives."
"Good enough."

Guy goes down

"Oh yeah, thought so. It's just a poo poo platter."

And there's like a big shitty pile of frisbees somewhere off in a corner. If only life were that simple huh guys?

In conclusion, I really like pad thai and I like bananas because they come in a package so it means no one's touch it, you know?


Just Maintain said...

hahaha. poo poo plater

Duke of Spook said...

I still don't even really know what one is

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