February 17, 2009


You know how in Donnie Darko that alien teacher played by Drew Barrymore teaches that lesson about "Cellar Door" and then after that came out all these idiot know it alls would bring it up as if they'd always known it and you'd be like "whatever man you got that from Donnie Darko"??? My friend Jon once told me the most beautiful set of words is "HUGE BOOBS", and while I agree for the most part (you've probably read the phrase in this blog several times), I gotta say, nothing is more wonderful to say than "SCARFIN' CHEESBURGERS".

It took me a while to perfectly articulate that paragraph as to give proper respect to the phrase. I hope "SCARFIN' CHEESEBURGERS" wasn't the first thing you read when you arrived at the page because I think it has more impact with the intro up there, know what I'm sayin'? I shouldn't have wrote it again. No turnin' back baby. No regrets.

Does anyone here have HBO Canada? Did anyone here watch "Eastbound and Down" on Sunday? Starring Danny McBride? That guy who's in every movie these days and is funny? His new show made me laugh! You can tell they're influenced by British comedies which is good news considering those are the comedies that are the real deal. That sentence was very vague but I just accept it with no evidence. Anyway, there's tons of swearing and several over the top situations! The last scene of ep 1 was the guy on a jet ski with a naked babe on the back. I dare you to tell me that isn't funny.

I joined Twitter because I want to be current. So far it's a really good way to waste time on the Internet. Past that I don't see what the fuss is all about, but I guess since celebrities and tech savvy successful types use it, it's gotta be good! It makes you wonder which Internet communication applications, if any, will survive over the years. Will Twitter dominate Facebook eventually? Will the iPhone do everything for everyone? What's next? I guess the ultimate would be some site where you can check what anyone is doing all the time. So if you were friends with me you could just click on my profile and there'd be a little video window with me typing this and maybe some cool graphic diagnostics that show my heart rate and blood pressure etc. Google Earth is almost that. Sort of.

Some of these posts get a bit long so I'm going to cut it off here. Is that enough for you? Did I leave you wanting more? Tomorrow are you going to wake up and RUN to your computer? It's funny how in movies where someone is hacking something they're constantly typing. I bet hackers use the mouse just as much as a normal person, but it doesn't look as good on screen I guess. That's your final thought of the day, I've been your host and you've been some guy. Bye until tomorrow.

- Glenn

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Duke of Spook said...

I also enjoy the phrase "Case of Beer" for some reason.

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