February 10, 2009


What do you a call a tired weird singer? Yawn-i. That joke has probably been told three million times. Here's one that's never been heard: What do you call a chicken that plays a dumb horn: Henny G. That one's probably been said before too. Here's an even dumber one: What do you call a dumb male model guy who just got cut with a knife: Scabio.

That's the opening monologue for today. Let's move on to today's main thing:

Posted below is the call I made to Direct Energy this morning. It's not all that interesting, but highlights include when I spell my name really fast and when she starts explaining that I'd have to call Enbridge and not Direct Energy, which, if you've been following this saga, is totally ridiculous and I was about ready to lose it. Luckily, she changed her mind about this right as she said it as you will hear. Otherwise, I would've really had to give it to her. I guess that would have made for better entertainment though. I threw this together really quickly this morning, and I turned it into a video because Blogger doesn't host straight up audio files. I threw in some pictures from my trip to California at the half way point to spice it up.

So hopefully I won't have to call them again next month, but if I do I guess I'll record it again for the world to hear. I was fairly civil all things considered. I still don't understand how it takes 2 months for a name change, and it seems she didn't either. She was really nice though and the blame should be put toward "the system" and not the people who serve it. That part where she puts me on hold was really 3 minutes long but I cut it down because I didn't want you to go through what I did. The song in the background was BRUTAL and was the definition of 'muzak'.

Last night we had a mouse episode!

I'm a man, there's no doubt about that, but I really hate rodents so I was fairly 'freaked' when Liv 'freaked' and declared 'MOUSE!' He was on top of our microwave nipping at our butter. I couldn't stand for this and Liv would'nt dare step into the kitchen so we went and bought a couple of traps and by night's end we caught the little shithead. He just couldn't resist the salty, savory allure of parmesan cheese.

Last year at the dude house I lived in we had a rat who ended up dying in the middle of the basement because it ate some poison or something, and trust guy, mice are no problem compared to a kitten sized rat. It's especially bad when you read about them on the Internet about how resilient they are and how they can swim and really how they generally fuck with you real bad. This rat lived under our sink and for that brief time when it was a tenant, going into the kitchen was a real test of one's nerves. If rats were extinct would that interrupt our eco system? Probably not. They're no sharks, that's for sure. Let's extinct rats asap. Bees and sharks are just fine and at the end of the day a mouse is no big deal, but rats are bad news no matter what Disney and the wizards at Pixar may tell you.

I hope you enjoyed the phone call video. Now you know what my voice sounds like! Is it what you expected? Is it manly? I think I'm a treble, or maybe whatever is one deeper than that. I'm used to hearing my own voice now which is nice. Isn't that the worst, when you hear your voice and you hate it? You always assumed you sounded soooooo cool and then you sound like an idiot and you get a glimpse into how others perceive you? YEAH


highwaisted said...

haha that sounds exactly as i thought you would sound!

Duke of Spook said...

Solid! I really should've been more of a dick on the phone for entertainment purposes

xoxomirr said...

Thanks for your patience... I HATE that line.

Duke of Spook said...

Yeah it's almost as bad as Rogers, but not quite. Maybe it is though. The whole thing about trying to figure out whether to call Enbridge or Direct Energy is the dumbest and it seems that even they don't know.

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