May 4, 2009


When chefs get really good a lot them get really dumb haircuts.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I'd like to pass along some sadder news I received last week. My sister's cat "Petey" aka "Bonkers" got hit by a car on Friday and is no longer with us. This was the type of cat that you always hope for when you get a new cat. He was friendly, rambunctious, fluffy, soft, and very mischievous. Petey, you were a good man and you'll be missed by everyone who petted you and observed your off the wall antics. (pours out 40 on the ground)

Speaking of 40's, they were front and center at my friend Kevin's wedding on the weekend. Because we enjoyed them so much during university, Kevin put one on our table and his dad worked one into his prop heavy father of the groom speech, a nice little touch to an already impressive reception. Remember what Ice Cube says in "Friday" when he grabs the box of cereal? That's what we said when we saw the forty. I just hope the one black guy at the wedding didn't mind. Here it is thanks to the future and all the scientists out there:

Short Circuit 2 is way better than Short Circuit 1, no doubt thanks to the replacement of Steve Guttenberg with Michael McKean. That part where Johnny 5 turns into a bad ass also helps. And the Bonnie Tyler song during the climax.

Should these entries be shorter? Would you prefer an expresso shot or a large with cream and sugar? Or do you drink lemonade in the morning? That's what I'll do, I'll just serve up medium fruit juices because that's what everyone likes. Anyway, just let me know. Today's is a bit shorter. See you later.

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