May 19, 2009


How did I spend my Victoria Day long weekend? By worshiping the Queen of course! I spent the bulk of the weekend sculpting a bust of the late, plump monarch out of plaster of Paris. When I was done I took it over to a local pub where I donated it along with $5,000 cash to support the Empire. The rest of the weekend I make a mosaic out of bottle caps. That had nothing to do with the Queen really, I just felt like being a crazy guy.

In real life I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday we made Big Burgers in lieu of my friend Scott's birthday. Here is visual proof to stymie your doubts and entice your tum tum

The one on the left is the "Mexican Swine Flu" burger with a pork/sausage/beef patty, topped with pulled pork, fried tortilla, salsa, re-fried beans, avocado and some other Mexican treats, and the one on the right is the "Tally Ho" burger inspired by the famous Hamilton roast beef sandwich restaurant of the same name. It featured an all beef patty seasoned with salt, pepper, bbq sauce and oregano, topped with shaved roast beef and gravy served on an olive focaccia loaf in honour of the Greek ladies who work at the place and pump gravy so generously that you called call them the Mother Teresas of beef and gravy and burgers and fries.

We went to the Rhino after that and partied just fine post burgers and all was well.

On Sunday I went to see Star Trek (good bean) and went out for dinner for my mom's birthday. I had black cod. Then I went to Sunday Night Live to laugh but I felt tired and shitty so I didn't party too much after.

MONDAY HOLIDAY MONDAY was a good little package, starting with a trip to Best Buy to buy some Lord of the Rings movies and a Powerade for the tennis match I was to play with my sister that afternoon. And I bought some sweat slacks from Mark's Work Wearhouse. I think I got the last mediums in the whole joint.

My sister and I had a great little sports game of the popular racquet sport, which we're fairly evenly matched at, even though I won straight sets. My serve was workin' like an honorable man with 8 kids to feed and he works at a plant and it's tough work.

Post match I ran into some friends en route to the market where I was to buy food for living and saw Michael Cera leaving 'Saving Grace' a place that has good eggs apparently. I then did some writing, made dinner and watched hockey along with the Survivor marathon on TVtropolis. which is a city made out of TVs and run by a mayor with a camera for a head. His name is "Chip".


Welcome to the moat!

Here's a video that this guy Stein showed me. It's sort of like watching Celebrity Jeopary on SNL. The best part is Little Richard at the end and when they can't solve a very obvious puzzle:


edgarnow said...

Oh my those are big burgers!

Duke of Spook said...

big beef to start a big summer!

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