May 28, 2009



Nouveau Tags

Have any of you hamburgers ever noticed that tag technology has advanced? It seems that classic piece of itchy, sharp material has given way to the painted on tag, which is something you shouldn't ignore. Rejoice! Sing the praises of the Hanes' and Fruit of the Looms' of the world and curse those who haven't yet adapted. Or if you get a regular tag just cut it off, I don't care. But yeah, take a shirt with a nouveau tag back in time and give it to the friendly blacksmith or the evil sorcerer and they'll bless you a thousand times. The blacksmith will give you a sssssick sword and the sorcerer will conjure you a sexual delight or turn your brass buttons into dubloons or serpents depending on how bad of a dude he is.


I realized that yesterday's post was kind of genre specific, so I apologize to any regular readers who don't like TV and who came here for a rollick but instead got a bunch of complaints about a family they know nothing about. Or maybe I don't have to apologize. I don't owe you anything. In fact, you owe ME. Take me out or just send some new threads (I need new shirts).


I've settled into a pretty good little daily routine as of late, but I'm scared I'm going to get sick of it. I haven't performed comedy in a while, which feels kind of shitty, but I've supplemented this with regular post-work writing sessions, which feels magically delicious.

My stomach condition appears to be improving thanks to a well balanced diet of things that aren't grease. For awhile there I couldn't even drink beer without getting next day stomach gurgs and butt storms. This past weekend I indulged in some brew because of sunny weather and good comedy and I came out of it with smiles and thumbs up. Are things on the upswing? Have my fortunes changed? Find out this summer by checking out GI JOE - The Rise of Cobra.

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