May 21, 2009


Put away your slop buckets and radish trimmers, it's time once again for a classic LIVEJOURNAL POSTING FROM THE PAST. By re-posting these you get a glimpse into my storied history and it allows me to catch up on my baking. Today I got some blackberry caramel gummi bear shim shims going at 425 degrees for 4 hours. I'm going to make a homemade honey tulip glaze when they're all done.


[20 Oct 2004|06:51pm]

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the worst MSN nickname ever!

*InA*BoLiNa* kae:cuppycake, navITA: joe louis,deen: pumpieumpkin,shawn: Sugarplum... Danielle:ur my dear! LIV: myPITA!

hmmmmm yeah.. it belongs to my roommate who is actually very sweet, although somehow she managed to combine both the stupidity of nicknames with that of bad yearbook quotes. Perhaps this is a new phenomenon... I don't know too many 18 year old gurlz so who knowz~$$*)!? I

Last week I saw this dude at the grocery store who dressed like "Survivor". He had a Red Sox hat, just like that survivor man from Boston, he had curly hair like Ethan, hadn't shaved for days, he had an ACTUAL "Survivor" head thingy around his neck, a rain coat and some hiking boots. This guy must think it's REALLY cool to be on survivor. He also bought like 50 bags of cookies.


My last year of school we wanted to stay in our house but were forced to find 2 new roommates. We got these two young girls who didn't know how to recycle. The girl who owned that MSN name left Vagisil all over the bathroom and would have sex really loud. I can't speak for the Survivor fan.

Have you had that new Barenaked Ladies ice cream? If you're not a moron who likes things that are the best, then you'll probably like it as much as I do.

TRANSMISSION SEVERED - A lobster with sunglasses has eaten your internet cable.


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