May 27, 2009


I apologize to those who never watch the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 because that's what today's post is all about. How about you check out this classic post instead, while the rest of us curl up in our jammies beside the fire with some health concious snacks and a wide selection of PC Blue Menu entrees while we talk about TV.

The season premiere was ELECTRIFYING. I'd been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks and it surpassed all expectations. I think it was something the public had never really seen before in reality TV, which was a reality TV family breaking the fourth wall and talking about how famous they've become and how much it "sucks". That being said, it was also very uncomfortable at times because they were sharing very private things that should probably stay private.

I spent most of the show trying to figure out how real it actually was. The last couple of weeks, the news media has been buzzing about rumours of how the show is all set up and how Jon and Kate have been separated for a long time and all that. I first noticed a difference in the show around the time those commercials with that dumb song about beautiful things came on and they moved into that MANSION. The new house feels like it's a compound specifically designed for the kids, like that studio world they built in "The Truman Show".

Instead of elaborating and writing a coherent, well thought out argument, here are some stray observations:

- Kate seemed totally disconnected from her kids and half the stuff she said sounded scripted. She didn't take ANY blame for anything and portrayed herself as a victim even though she lives in a mansion and wears expensive looking clothes everywhere she goes. She must have mentioned how "tired" and alone she felt like a million times. She hasn't clued in to the fact that no one feels bad for the rich and famous unless a real tragedy is involved and that hasn't really happened yet, so NO PITY.

- Jon was the only one on the show who seemed genuine and you can tell he's sick of the whole thing. It seemed to me the show was trying to make him look bad, like the scene where he's talking about how he just lets the boys fight and throw things at each other. He also looked like a single dad - driving a sports coupe, wearing shades and a dirty old fleece coat.

- I think they put Mady on ritalin this season.

- Hearing Kate complain about papparazi is silly because her kids have grown up with cameras in their face. The kids can't tell the difference and quite frankly, there isn't any. Same goes when they were at the party and Kate says something to the guests about the photographers. I'll bet they were probably more uncomfortable with the booms mics in their faces and the producers telling them where to stand.

- If this season premiere was an attempt to get the press to leave them alone, an ambiguous ending leaving the public wanting more was the wrong way to do it. So either they're lying fame whores or they're complete morons.

In the end, the kids are the victims and they were cuter than ever on the season premiere. It's seems pretty much a guarantee that one in eight will grow to abuse drugs or alcohol or something like that. I blame Kate. I still like the laid back attitude of Jon.


Anonymous said...

I thought Jon came off really badly. I don't know why you're totally behind Jon. I think he's just now realizing he made a bunch of shitty life choices and is taking it out on Kate. She gives him a hard time, but why not go to counselling? Nah, he'd rather party at college bars, hook up with a 23 year old, and buy himself a sports car. He's rebelling against her and is mad at her, when he should just be mad at himself! Newsflash Jon, time travel doesn't exist, you can't go back to just being Jon. Jon wants all the benefits of being on the show w/o actually having to do anything or sacrifice anything.

Duke of Spook said...

well said. My support of Jon hinges on truth to the rumour that they've been split up for awhile and that he's been free to mess around. But if that's not true, then yeah, he's a dick for doing all that. Kate should take some blame and realize that this "career" of hers is bad news.

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