December 5, 2008


This blog has been hacked ********************))))))))))))

My name is Power_Orc^^ and I'm taking ovah today you lamez


I'm the scourge of the Internet and I'm here to mess you up and fry the mainframe

First, if there's any ladies out there, check out my pic:

I wear these cool shirts in the winter. Any season baby. I got that Billabong hat for $6.99, West 49 Half Pipe Madness sale, Fall '07, fitted man. My uncle got me those shades. They're Guccis baby. Nothing but the best for me. You can't see it in the picture but I have a tree house with wireless internet, 6 Playboys, half a box of Full Sized Skor bars and 2 Nintendo DS systems. I got two for my birthday last year because my mom is such an idiot.

Check my room:

It took my mom three weeks to paint that shit. Mario is a God in my school and I am his loyal servant. This year for Christmas I told my mom she had better get me this:

Or else I won't go to Oshawa on Boxing Day to visit my grandma. It's so boring there. The only candy she has are those shitty mixed hard candies that grandmas love so much. She does have a cool old coin collection though. It's probably worth like $5,000. I'm going to bring my X-Box with me, I don't care what my dad says because he can't control me. I'm not even supposed to be on the Internet right now, but here I am hacking as usual. I have so many porno passwords. Want one? Hundred bucks. Email my at HAHAHAHAH fell for it???^^^^^^ You're all old idiots. I bet you don't even know what an mp3 is. I have over 3,000 mp3s - Led Zeppelin, the Killers, Guns and Roses, Mettallica, Fall Out Boy, Kanye, and sooooo many crank calls for realz. Like really good ones by all sorts of jokers. In one they call a gay bar and pretend to be gays themselves!!! HAHAHAHAH LAOAOAOAOOALAOALAOOJFJFHG

Next time I hack this site I'm going to put pictures of naked old ladies. I know where to find them. I'm the best at the Internet. If you're ever in Markham, look me up ladies. My dad drives a Focus with sick rims. As soon as I turn 16 I'm taking it no matter what. gonna put a big muffler and turbo charge the mutha fucka. This blog iz shiiiiititt hack hack hack. Seey ou turds!

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