December 3, 2008


Based on Site Meter statistics, a lot of people stumble upon this little valley in the Internet continent of blogosphere via Google image search. In order to drum up business I'm going to shamelessly post some popular pictures and maybe mention a few things about them. Then we're all going to watch patiently as this site becomes the new ebay or New York Times homepage where people go for hard hitting news and old wrestling figures and buttons and pottery and stuff.

Welcome Google image searcher! Here is that Britney pic you requested. Nice one. Britney Spears is an American female pop star from Louisiana who went psycho but then was re-manufactured so she could release her latest record called "Circus", which probably refers to her CrAZy pop star life. Some circuses have freak shows, which would probably be a more accurate title, what with her head shaving, vagina showing, car crashing, moron marrying, child ignoring, paparazzi dating ways. Her recent MTV documentary drew record numbers of viewers, although it failed to acknowledge just how crazy and stupid she actually is/was. She seems to hate her career but won't quit even though her kids probably need her more than ever. Her kids' father is a total idiot too. Basically the whole thing is stupid. She's a puppet of the record companies and if she had any brains she'd move to Ottawa and live quietly with her children. Has she ever been to school? I'd love to quiz her on things - geography, politics, maths. Stay tuned to WIDAHIA for the latest Britney news, interviews and fun quizzes, like "Which Britney album are you?"

Hello there! Came for House did you? I heard a rumour that in the next season, House is going to get the measles and the roles are going to be reversed! He's going to almost die and then some other doctor is going to yell at him and do something radical like pick the measles off with a scorpion because that's the only way to save him. Is that what happens on that show? I've never seen it. Hugh Laurie is pretty alright though. I don't like how he limps on that show. Does he ever smile? What's his favourite food? More TV characters should make that known. I'll bet most say pizza. Bet you any money. Check out the rest of my posts for some great TV commentary on your favourite shows like Wheel of Fortune, Wings and Seinfeld.

Welcome teen girls. Feel free to explore the blog. In it you'll find tons of tips on how to pick up boys as well as fashion tips and fun recipes you and your friends can try at slumber parties! Try out my Marshmallow Bangers, my Caramel Wing Dongs or my Pop Corn Corn Dogs with homemade sugar chutney. How about that Twilight huh? S-E-X-Y. I can't wait for the sequel when the vampire moves out of his parents' house and tries to bring the chickie with him but she'd rather stay in Rochester because she has a totally sweet job at that mall. If I got that right you all owe me a pat on the back.

Now let's all sit back and watch the hit counter reach astronomical proportions. My mouth burn feels okay today, although I haven't had anything remotely warm since it happened. It felt like I was eating lava. Enough about that right? "How much longer can he talk about that?" Probably a lot longer. I'm a regular chatter brain with rocket tongue.

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