December 9, 2008


What's your favourite letter? Mine's 'M' probably. Most feminine letter? 'S'. Most feminine number? Definitely '5' and not because it looks like an 'S'. It just it my friends, it just is.

I've got some more winter blues today and I think most of my blues these days come from inactivity, which relatively speaking isn't even that bad. I'm usually in a bad mood not because of things I'm doing, but because of things I'm not doing. I always try to remind myself of those old sayings like "you only live once" and "you don't have infinite time you nut so get up off that seat and go catch something", which actually isn't real, but I think applies regardless. I'll spare you the psychoanalysis and instead bring some holiday cheer:

How about that? If you didn't laugh once during that then you're probably in the wrong spot. We here at the blog support that sort of thing. That's by Chris Locke and Nathan Fielder who are two of the best at manufacturing chuckles for purposes of recreation so check out their other stuff next time you're on the Internet at the library doing research for your next project on something that no one cares about.

I was just thinking this morning about how shitty exams were. Especially the ones where you had to write like 3 essays in an hour and your hand hurt so bad you wanted to eat it right off covered in barbecued sauce. I remember the last ever high school exam and I was soooo happy and it was a really easy one, but then I had to endure 4 more years of them at university. I overreacted man. I kind of remember my last university exam and I don't think I was as happy as in high school, probably because in high school the summertime was a gateway to all things stupendous, while in University the end of school meant workworkwork, getajobgetajobgetajob. I kind of wish I had the ambition to be one of those guys who just say "screw this" and spend all their savings on three years of seeing the world and they come back with tans and rare trinkets and they're a lot more peaceful than when they left. Do those people exist or am I thinking of a movie?

There's this Vietnamese restaurant beside my house and it has like 100 dishes or something. I've learned from the Food Network that a restaurant has no need for so many. I've been twice and both times it hasn't been very good, but I'll probably go back because in the pictures the food looks pretty decent. I had some of their 'pad thai' the other day and it tasted like Alphagetti. I think I should start trying Pho, because that seems to be what everyone eats when they're in there. A nice steaming bowl of PHO. Do you think if you opened an American-style restaurant in like Romania or Taiwan, that it would do well? I'm not talking about McDonalds (two mentions in two days) but like Chili's. Maybe not even as bad as Chilis. That stuff is pretty heavy. Gravy on everything sounds good, but in practice is not a good idea, just ask Rosie O'Donnell!!! <-------------------Whooaaaaaaaaa big gong on that one.

I'm through Season 3 of HBO's The Wire. What a ride it's been guys. I think the best is yet to come, like when you're at Wonderland and you wait until you get really hot before you go to the waterpark. I'm almost to the waterpark I think. Actually, that comparison isn't very good, but I think you understand. Here's an idea: Next time you commit to a TV series on DVD, watch the whole thing backwards and see if it's any good. Memento that shit. Then let me know. I don't want to risk the first try, especially on a show as good as The Wire. Try it with Friends or MASH maybe then let me know. We could be on to something here. Watching TV backwards will become the new spaghetti and meatballs.


cara said...

is mcdonald's paying you to mention them daily? the weird thing is, i ate mcdonald's food yesterday and today... both days you mentioned it in your blog. who's influencing who?

Duke of Spook said...

perhaps McDonalds is guiding both of us!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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