December 22, 2008


I recently thought of something that both atheists and religious guys can agree on when they die: That Judgement Day didn't go down. Atheists would be glad because they can be all like "Even if I'm wrong about this, it doesn't matter because I'm dying anyway, hahahaha" and religious guys are like "well I would've been fine, but I'm still glad I didn't have to deal with it." I think that's how they'd think anyway. Maybe religious people get mad that they miss it when they die. The jerks would anyway. The "told you so's" if you will.

They'd both be pretty nervous about the afterlife too. Not hardcore atheists and religious nuts, but the mild ones you know? The serious guys would be so sure that nothing is going to happen/they're going to Heaven 100% that they're all good, but if you're sort of on the fence it must be nerve-racking. The ones that don't believe would be really worried that Hell is the real deal, and the sort of God lovers would be kind of nervous that there's no Heaven. Especially if they're really banking on Heaven, like they lived a really good life but never took time to enjoy it and never had a lot of money and Heaven is like their pension sort of.

The Holidays have officially started for the man who is writing this right now, and I've already settled into the family's winter cabin in beautful Snow Weasel Grove, Ontario.

When I pulled up to the property on my winter dirtbike with spike tires, I was greeted by an old friend:

It's our old horsey "Mickey Sweet Hearts" who grows a beard every winter to match mine. When he saw that mine was barely started he puked hay all over the place but I fed him a dead hare I found and he stopped whining.

Mickey Sweet Hearts led me over the hill to the main house where my lovely family was headed back to the house along the skunk trail led by our dogs Motorhead and Warren. The Northern Lights started up and I decided to do a quick painting which I posted above.

When my camera is charged I'll give you guys a real idea about what the holidays are like on the Macaulay compound. Today I watched TV and bought new skates!! Hark the herald angels sing, glory to some things things things

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