December 15, 2008


OHhhhhhhh helllooooo!!!! How are you feeling today????? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUTEEE

The other day I was riding the streetcar and I started eaves dropping these two nerds and they were talking about wizards as if they actually exist. More specifically, they were debating what a wizard would think of a modern computer. I couldn't hear much more than that, but if I were involved I would've said that wizards would think computers are bullshit. Can a computer turn a frog into a deer? Can a computer control thunder and lighting? Can a computer grow a beard? At this point in history, wizards would not be very impressed. Maybe in the future, but DEFINITELY not now. "What about the Internet?" you ask. When wizards aren't doing their thing they're reading or traveling so they know everything already. Wizards are the Internet.

I have to hand it to these nerds though. They know what they like and they're not scared to talk about it in public. I have no clue what they were referring to when they were talking about wizards, because seriously, it was like they were talking about sports. They believe wizards are real just as children and immature men believe in Michael Jordan or the PGA's Davis Love III is real. WHOA.

My office Christmas party was a grand old time. I put on my suit that I dub "The Boob Exposer" because when girls see me in it that's what they want to do. I put on the Boob Exposer and headed over. This year was a more casual affair and there was this stupendous buffet with every food ever made:

Mashed Potatoes
Spring Rolls
Mini - Burgers, grilled cheeses, macaroni cups
Miso Soup
Crab cakes
Fries with cheese and gravy and chili

I drank Gin and Tonics all night long and many of the higher ups got wasted and spent the night debating who the hottest guy in the office was. I didn't win. I didn't take any pictures but it looked like this:

Just kidding, it looked more like this:

Did you fall for that? I know, you're not a stupid. Just testing.

Anyway, we had an intimate after party at my house and everyone spent the whole time complaining about work, which is what happens when you work at an office and get together with the people that fill that office.

I'm almost done work for the year, which doesn't really mean jack all because at work you don't get summer holidays. All it means is that I'm at this place still. I'm a real Scrooge when it comes to work, but a real Santa Feliz Navidad when it comes to Christmas. Let's go do winter things!!


edgarnow said...

i appreciate your comments about on what wizards would think.

Duke of Spook said...

I think those nerds might know something we don't. Perhaps there are wizards amongst us

edgarnow said...

bah, the don't know anything, im sure they think that wizards are a race of people, thanks to the harry potter brainwashing machine.

Did you know that in the original Aladdin story, one thousand and one nights, the genies (plural) are just plain cool? there are no rules and stupid limits to wishes. and the wishes didnt backfire on you or anything.

I bet if Tom Cruise did start flying on his next live TV apperence, they would make up some story to have us not believe it and he saved too many children from the burning school house but they all had ADHD and since the fire was going to cure them so he is actually a terrible man.

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