December 19, 2008


This is me right now:

Winter Solstice vacation has begun. So far today I've:

Done laundry 100%
Bought some beers
Bought a roti
watched the Wire big time

That's how you do it man.

The snow? None of my concern. The snow can have outside. I'll take inside. It can do its thing and I'll just watch it, waiting for it to stop so I can stomp on it with my damn boots and melt it with... my damn boots. Fuck you snow, I'll eat you and get refreshed and then I'll turn you into a ball and smite my enemies (trees, squirrels and if I see a skunk it's going to get snow up its poo stinky ass and its spray stinky second ass - how does that work?)

Next week I'm going to chronicle my Christmas adventures. Chances are they will involve making sandwiches and pacing around my parent's house. I'll also read a whole lot of newspapers.

In the meantime, play it safe. It you're going out there bring a torch and a compass. Stay sharp and if you're getting food pick me up some fries. Always man. Always get me fries. No matter where you go. You can get fries anywhere man, no excuses.

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