May 11, 2009


On Saturday after it rained and the sun said "HIIII BAABBBBY" I decided I'd better go outside and do something, so I got up and went to buy new speakers. I walked to National Sound on Queen St which is pretty far but not the farthest and found a pair that I liked for a price that I liked and figured I could carry one under each arm back to my stationary non-commercial dwelling. Like clear cola, this was bad idea.

First, my arms got real tired, real fast. I managed to get to Spadina before I took a rest and things were going rough. When I got to the Lush/Ultra Supper Club area I decided I'd try a new carrying technique, which was to stack them and carry them in both hands, get it?? This was working okay, but it proved awkward and the space between the two speakers kept pinching my forearms. Now I have these strange scrapes/bruises that look as if my parents got divorced which led me to put on some Matthew Good and then start cutting myself in angst.

I finally got to the girls in the brothel and for the next few hours I couldn't lift my arms because I'm so weak and the speakers were heavy and took my arms to the limit. I even had trouble buttoning a shirt. I also have a bruise on my hip and the strange markings on my forearms. I did it for rock n roll and summer time good times.

That's all I'm going to tell you for now. Here are some quick facts:

- I didn't see Star Trek
- Sports are very important to me right now
- Mother's Day was highlighted by seeing my mom and eating pork prepared by master chef, my dad

Let's start the week off right. Tie your shoes tight and add extra pickles to your lunch time meal. Pickles are smiles on a baby cat.


cara said...

wow. carrying those speakers sounds HORRIBLE. you need one of those old lady carts. i know, they look dumb, but do they ever come in handy!!!

Duke of Spook said...

I have one of those! I don't like it thought. The wheels are too small. It was a mistake but it did work out in the end and I saved myself cab fare

highwaisted said...

awesome! your summer is going to be filled with smooth grooves.

Duke of Spook said...

Then winter will come and my soul will melt

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