November 9, 2008


I've been home alone all weekend and last night I was playing video games late when I heard some loud tunes coming from my neighbours' place.

"Oh, they're partying," I said.

The clock struck 3 am and I decided to put my playoff series against the Ottawa Senators on hold until the next day. When I went upstairs, the music was still on.

"Oh. They're still partying. This can't last too much longer."

I put in some earplugs and tried to sleep. But the bass was too much. I tried to muster the strength to go downstairs and maybe knock on their door.

"They must know it's 4 am and that they're music is loud. They're nice. They must be courteous as well."

It was around this time that instead of going to their place and asking them to turn it off, I figured I'd just kick the wall a few times and they'd get the picture. I was in my underpants, you know? I didn't want to get up all the way and put on clothes.

"I've kicked this wall a bunch now and it's 5 am. I can't believe these people."

I gave it one final double slam and FINALLY the party stopped. I hope it's because of my constant kicking of the wall, otherwise they probably think I didn't mind. But seriously. That's pretty late to be BLASTING music. And the music kept getting worse. It started off and I was like "hey this is okay, I can sleep to this." By the time the shitty song "Cordellia" or whatever came on I was ready to lose it. It got so bad that I actually expected them to come by and apologize today. Nothing yet.

Since I have a party planned next weekend, I'm going to blow their asses off until 6 am. When the music first started it reminded me of the party and I thought to myself, "oh yeah the neighbours. I guess our party can't go too late." I think I'm going to start the party at 4 am. Maybe they're mad that my friends keep ringing their doorbell.

New Topic

I can't drink a lot anymore without being really hungover the next day. On Friday I went to the Comedy Bar grand opening and it was a lot of fun. I was hammered. The next morning I woke up and I had a standard hangover:

First it's not so bad, but I'll have a headache. I think that everything's okay.
I get up and it gets worse
My stomach is the next to go
My butt ends up hurting

I had to go to a meeting for this play and I felt like the above and all I wanted to do was sit on my couch and enjoy a hot drink.

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