March 17, 2009


You know what today is? Billy Corgan's birthday and St. Patrick's Day! Which one do you celebrate more? I'm pretty equal. In the morning I shave a lot, squeal a bit and write bad poetry, and at night I drink Guiness and punch others.

Seriously though, seriously, the last couple of years I haven't been very into St. Patrick's Day probably because I don't drink as much as I used to thanks to this stomach of mine that manages to thwart every attempt at a good time (drinking a lot, eating a lot, going on barf rides). But in my younger days I loved St. Patrick's Day, mostly because I got to show off a variety of Irish fashions. I pride myself on having an outfit for every occasion, which is why I never like throwing clothes out. Let's see if I can find some examples.

Here are two St. Pat's days of yore. I don't know the years, but they're both in Toronto so sometime in the last 4 years I guess. The highlight of the ensemble is my green jacket that I wear for most special occasions. If you're a true fan, you may remember it in that picture of a New Years that I posted last week or something. It was originally bought for St. Patrick's Day along with a big Notre Dame sweatshirt that I think I threw out. I look festive though right? The Boston Bruins shirt? Boston - Irish people. Get it? We had some great parties in Hamilton on March 17. I remember one where I was standing on a table at a bar, ripping down decorations and screaming my head off.

Side Note

TLC keeps getting worse and worse. On Thursday there's two separate shows on Tree Man again followed by Mermaid Girl. Then they showed this promo that goes something like: "If you thought having 8 kids was crazy (referring of course to Jon and Kate), check out Table for Twelve !"

They can't do that. They already have a show about 18 kids. You can't go from 18 back down to 10 (there's 2 parents and 10 kids). You gotta raise the bar. Why would I watch the twelve show when I have 18? I don't get it. What makes them so special? They better be the funniest.

Also, I used to respect Jon and Kate for being good parents, but since this show is still on I've had to rethink my position. Now I'm not Dr. Phil McGraw, but they clearly haven't thought about how growing up in the public eye on a TV show will affect their kids. I guarantee one of those 8 will end up messed up in one way or another. One or two seasons? Fair ball. They make some money and save it for college or whatever. But it's been like 4 years. The little kids don't know a life where cameras aren't following them around and that doesn't seem like a good thing to me. They don't even work any more and just moved into a $1.3 million mansion, so they're not exactly "normal" anymore. And Kate's hair???? The WORST!!!

Back to the St. Patrick's Day stuff

I don't know if I'll do anything tonight, but if I do I'll try to remember to take pictures. The back up plan is to force Liv to watch Empire Strikes Back provided that I supply snacks. I sealed the deal with the stipulation that I be allowed to give a short, 10 minute presentation before the movie with recaps of the previous film (or films if you count the prequels, although nothing happens in them and they suck shit out of a guinea pig's dick). This event will be moved to Wednesday pending beer soaked celebrations. Happy birthday Billy.


The Terminator


cara said...

you sure hit the nail on the head with that comment about kate's hair.

Duke of Spook said...

It's the epitome of an expensive but small town hair style. She looks like a damn turkey

highwaisted said...

turkey! thats what i was gonna say!

also, Liv, watch empire strikes back. its soooo sick

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