March 9, 2009


You know that thing you can do with your sock where you light it on fire and the lint burns all wicked and it's no big deal and you don't get caught on fire? I was sittin' around on Friday and filmed myself doing a real beauty:

It looked better live, trust me. You've also learned that I have relatively hairy legs and that I like my socks high and tight.

Friends Alex and Ashley came over on Friday to hang. We ate chips, watched the latest television, played that awesome game 'Flower' where you're the wind and you blow these petals around and Ashley showed us this.

It'll make you laugh, cry, barf, piss and think. There's a part two but you can find that on your own. At the end of the day I really feel bad for the ladies in the film because it isn't like they were born that way. They just had the shittiest lives that warped their mind. It's like that show "Intervention". Most of the people on that show seem like normal drug addicts but more often than not it's revealed that they had a tough childhood full of terrible things. It's kind of like the story of Peter Pan, but instead of going to Neverland to find other kids and adventure they go downtown to find any number of banned substances and I guess adventure as well, but not the fun kind.

On Saturday I ate a hamburger and watched "Vicky Christina Barcelona" with my friend Erin. Good not great. Everyone I talk to loves it, but I need a little something more in a movie like an explosion or a long lost son or something. But it was pretty good and I mean PRETTY, get it? Figure that one out for yourselves. I still love Woody. Might Aphrodite has been on the Movie Network lately and what a film!

Next it was off to Whitby to attend my friend Kevin's Jack and Jill party. For those who don't know, this a party an engaged couple throws to make money for their wedding. There are games and food and drinks and activities meant to embarrass the bride and groom. I only knew a few people at the thing, but I had a good time and ate a wide variety of foods such as hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, chips, fudge, peanut butter chocolate bars, cranberry cheesecake bars, assorted vegetables and chili. Quite a spread. Shout outs to Maureen and Greg who not only made the tastiest items on the menu but also drove my ass to and fro. They'll receive free fan club packages courtesy of the Canadian Tire Corporation and all of its subsidiaries (Mark's Work Warehouse).

On Sunday I sat around a whole lot, played floor hockey and basically waited around until Liv returned from her sojourn to Florida. She's now tanned and I'm paler than ever. You can see it in the sock burning video. I meant to take pictures documenting this weekend's events for your eyes' sake, but I forgot again, so your eyes can suck eggs for all I care.

That's the weekend. You might have noticed I posted a few things on Saturday and Sunday, which may become regular depending on the alignment of Venus and if I feel like it. Let's all get together for some Crispers soon, okay?


Mrs. Poland said...

yeah shout outs! Thanks Glenn! Glad you had a good time. Remember when Greg let us hit the drive thru for some JBCs, that was a good time!

Did you give Liv the desserts??

Duke of Spook said...

Oh yeah, JBCs so sick. I ended up eating most of them because she was too slow, but she loved them. So good.

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