March 5, 2009



My roomate/girlfriend/regular friend by default is away this week, so last night I took advantage of my solitude and took a bubble bath. I could take a bath when she's here, but I think an adult bath requires peace and quiet, and if she was here she may burst into the bathroom to utilize the toilet or tease her hair or something and that would ruin the zen vibes I would no doubt attain.

Anyway, once I perfected the temperature of the water, which took a good 10 minutes and resulted in several minor burns, the bath was on and I was in full relax mode with the aim to finish a book I had been reading. Things were going great until I got paranoid that some psycho would break in and rip my nuts off and all that. I was vulnerable. I started hearing noises so as soon I was done my book I got out. I was probably in there for about 20 minutes or so, which is all you really need. There was no psyhco, it was just the heater in the bathroom making creaking noises. But still. A solitary bubble bath is the beginning of a horror movie and I wanted no part of one.

LAST FULL DAY - Time for a show

By Friday more of our friends showed up to do the show. Don't worry about their names, they'll come up later. Plus, you probably don't know them anyway. It's like when you meet someone new and they start telling you a story and instead of saying "Me and my friend did this and that", they say "Me and Scott did this and that" and you're all like "I barely know your name, why do I need to know this friend of yours? Scott? Who is this guy?" Is that a thing? Know what I mean?

We didn't do much except all day except eat $5 subs and prepare for the show at Phil's place and the theatre/gay bar we did it at. Here is what some of that looked like:

That's Phil and Erin and that's Top Gun on TV. Neat, huh?

We did a tech run of the show at the theatre at 4:30 and then we had 4 hours to kill before we had to be back for the show. We killed all 4 hours at a cafe/sports bar across the street and I was starting to get a cold. So things weren't all baby's smiles and lolipops.

We then met up with fellow comedy guys Pat, Bob, Jason and Fraser in a park adjacent to the theatre and as soon as we arrived Bob and Pat got in trouble with the boys in blue for drinking in public. Apparently the whole myth of being able to drink in public in New York as long as you have a paper bag is just that - a myth. The ticket was on $25 so no big deal. I piss $25 guy. You want $25? Who doesn't? What? Money. Power. Food. Ladies. Cool jeans.

The show went on and I think it went pretty darn okay. We did Jet Fighter Pilots and a Polecats set and people seemed to laugh, which is ultimately the goal with comedy. The best part about the whole deal was the the performers got to drink for free, so after the show we all saddled up to the bar and got trashed while playing a heated game of NTN trivia. Shout outs to the nouveau kilt wearing bartender who would serve us our chosen drink without us even asking and was more than happy to pour several tequila shots. Perhaps because of this Andy got so drunk that his words didn't make sense anymore. Outside I got hit on by a gay man which I took as a compliment and then out of nowhere Bob, Jason, Brendan, Pat and Fraser got into a limo, so Andy and I followed and rode for a bit until we realized we had to stick with Stein and Sarah so we could go back to Yonkers that night. Get it? I still don't know where the limo came from, but it happened. We eventually found Stein who had lost his coat and his camera, and in the end we all got back to Yonkers in one piece.

The next day we strapped in for a long, uncomfortable ride and nothing really interesting happened, except Stein left his gas cap at a gas station and when we got to Hamilton we stopped at our old university hangout, "Tally Ho" for some roast beef and gravy sandwiches.

And that's the end of the official trip recap, brought to you by Sony's Playstation 3. Did you feel like you were right there with me? I hope not, because I wasn't particularly descriptive. But if you did I don't mind, it just means you're kind of strange. I hope you enjoyed it though. I hope this wasn't the kind of thing where you came back to the blog every day hoping the recap was over. Did you like the stuff I posted while I was away? Did it satisfy hunger like a Snickers bar? I KNOW IT DID. See you tomorrow, work hard today.

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