April 13, 2009


Today may be Easter Monday, but for most people it's another day where you go to work and reflect on all the church you attended, or how much chocolate you ate, or even how many weasels you caught and roasted over a bed a pine needles. Families have different traditions you know. I'm not going anywhere with this and it isn't going to turn into a piece on Easter traditions. Instead, let's take a gaze into Zeldarf's crystal ball and see what I did this weekend:

On Friday night I threw a mixer at my house to celebrate my April 8th birthday. It was full of hearty fun and positive vibes seeping out of every pore of every man and woman in the environment. Here man, catch the vibe:

Per usual, I forgot to take pictures, but luckily Liv picked up the old daguerroetype at some point and started snapping...

..unfortunately for you, most pictures feature us with our shirts off again, which seems to be a recurring theme of most parties myself and my friends attend. I don't remember what we were doing here but I do know that it was very late and we had drank several drinks that altered our perception of common sense.

This one's good because people in background are looking kind of silly, then in the foreground you have Stein showing his muscles while Andy recites poetry while shirtless to babes.

On Saturday I saw that movie "Observe and Report". The tone of this movie was very muddy, much like my feelings toward it. I'll probably never buy it nor watch it again, although I said the same thing about "The Heartbreak Kid", one of the shittiest movies I ever saw, and here it is on my television screen. I also don't think Seth Rogen can carry a whole movie. He's like a piece of Voltron. On its own it's pretty cool and fun, but if you get all the pieces together it's sooooo much better. Get it? Like his few scenes with Aziz Ansari were pizzas and gravy, but his scenes without a funny man were kind of "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Today I headed to Mississauga for an Easter egg hunt and spring jamboree in the botanical gardens. That's not true, but I did go to Mississauga. The fun was a lot more wholesome:
Here are some cousins being silly beans

And here's me using a windmill thing and just standing around with some whiskey.

Here are some insider Mississauga facts that you won't read on Wikipedia:

Mississauga is home to the world's most horribly named intersection: Marf Avenue and Revus Avenue.

"Where do you live?"
"Corner of Marf and Revus."
"Sounds gross."
"Yeah dude."

There's this "spring" right beside Mississauga road that people used to go get water from, not realizing that the water flowed from an old landfill. My dad claimed they were drinking garbage water. I think they were drinking garbage water.

Those are the only two I think of, get off my back.


cara said...

holy crap. marf and revus?? that is priceless!

Duke of Spook said...

it's a Macaulay family landmark

Mrs. Poland said...

those foil windmills are a classic Easter toy! Super cheap, and ya get hours of entertainment!

Duke of Spook said...

all natural spins, no batteries

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