April 22, 2009


Let me tell you something Pete. The first time I saw that singer Lady Gaga, I was like, "Oh Dave, this is the worst". I sort of assumed she was a creation of record companies, who were out to exploit the popularity of dancey synth pop with hipster undertones. But as of late I've gained a new appreciation for this total nut job. I like how she goes all the way with fashion. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are supposedly "fashionable" but they dress casual fashionable most of the time, so as to look like they're not really trying. Lady Gaga says "check out my dress. It's weird and expensive"

This one is basically a Halloween costume, which I'm okay with

That one might be too big. She reminds me of when the Griswolds go shopping in Italy in "European Vacation":

Skip ahead to about the two minute mark for the best part. If anyone can find me the outfit Rusty is wearing there at the end I'll give them the biggest damn kiss you ever saw.

In conclusion, if you're going to be a weirdo celebrity, you might as well go total weirdo. I watched some of the third evening with Kevin Smith and he talks about his experience working on Die Hard 4 and it makes you glad that Bruce Willis as strange as you'd hope he'd be. He has his own chicken chef and has this writer who looks like a wrestler and he's passionate and lovable. According to Kevin Smith.

In personal news, last night we performed at this fun sketch comedy show/contest and we were sooooo bad, but made it to the last round regardless. I haven't really done much sketch comedy so it felt a bit uncomfortable but experience is experience, life's life, rock n roll awesome. That's a personal update for anyone out there who may be stalking me. Hi!

We had a lot of fun today, and now you know how I feel about Lady Gaga AND I got to share one of my favourite scenes in movie history. Until tomorrow, pants down, butts out.

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