April 15, 2009


Yesterday's thoughts were a tad on the ho hum side, so today I'm going to whip the horse's ass way harder and with a whip covered in swords to bring you the fastest and most exciting thing ever. Don't be let down if what follows doesn't do that intro justice.

The last 24 hours have been a bit of a shit time for me. After work on the evening of the 13th I took the GO Train back to 'Ssaugy dogs because I had a dentist appointment in Oakville the next morning at 8 "not PM" AM. I don't start work until 12:30 so I rarely get up before 9:30, meaning the morning of the 14th was going to be a frustrating droopy eyed yawner. But dammit, I'll walk to the ends of the Earth for the health of my chompers.

While at my parents' that evening my dad and I did my taxes and much to my dismay I actually owed money this year because I forgot about the RRSP deadline and probably other factors that I don't know anything about. If there's two things that are foreign to me in this world, it's taxes and the nations of Southeast Asia. So you guys, I was obviously "cheesed" about this, but then I ate some roast beef and felt a bit better. Imagine people were commonly addicted to something other than cigarettes? Like instead of smoking people ate salami a lot and salami came in little packages? If salami was anymore addictive than it already is, then I'd be in trouble. I'd be a nibbler for sure. I'd be nibbling salami right now. If I were addicted to Snickers bars, would my work let me have breaks to go get them? What's the damn difference?

I tried to go to bed early and I thought this would work fine because the night before I tossed and turned like a boy with a boner in class, and had vivid, scary dreams about birthday parties in mansions and these cool mech submarine things that you could play with in the pool. But whenever I have to get up for something the next day I can never get to sleep. I don't know what it is, but generally speaking I'm not such a good sleep dude. I think I finally dozed off around 1:30 or 2:00 am and was awoken at 5:30 or 6:00 by my cat who has developed an almost human-like meow. My mom swears she's saying "MOOOMMY", although I thought it sounded more like she was saying "KAAIRY" which is my mom's name, duh.

Lucky for me, I've had my dentist since I was three and so whenever I go it's just like visiting relatives. No cavities!

Then I took the GO Train home and I'm so tired that you could probably screw a dart board to my chest and throw darts at me all day and I'd just give you a lazy middle finger.


Have you tried using a PC with Windows Vista? Holy hell. I was writing something with Word last night on my mom's computer and it took me five minutes just to find the "save" function. Why did they change it?

I think you should buy a new belt this evening to go with your new trousers.


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Duke of Spook said...

That's cool, but what does it have to do with anything??

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