April 6, 2009


The battery in this computer of mine is weakening like a dying old grandpa lion and there's nothing I can about but sit here and complain about modern lithium ion technology. I think we're pretty close to that time when batteries last for a hundred years and our kids' kids will be like "Cords? Wall sockets?" and instead of electric guitars they'll play guitars with batteries in them and the amplifiers will look like hydro electric stations, making a low humming noise that no one really notices but if you listen carefully you can hear it.

But let's cut the crap and get down to the nitty gritty. Let's break these chains and let the eagle fly free over the land of hope and dreams. Join me on a vision quest through the jungles of time to the annals of evolution and truth until we find the mind's window.

Do you guys know that we're in the THICK of my birthday week? So far I've received several thoughtful cards, a few records, a Delorean model, a small remote controlled R2D2, a dinner at Bistro 990, a brunch by the lake and 2 gift cards. This calls for a celebration!



That's me on guitar and that's that guy from Friday on lead vocals. Rap$callion is my hip hop alter ego. He's a janitor who found a a gold microphone in the basement of the school he works at and at first it didn't do anything, but then he combined it with the gold turntables his wife bought him for Christmas, which turned him into this great MC who also fights minor crime at night but only until midnight because at midnight he turns into a ghoul whose skin gets burned by moonlight. So he just stays in the basement and makes beats and eats pickles for some reason. The full story will be explained in the jacket of my first record, "Murder, Death, Kill" which is a line from Demolition Man. It's being produced by the Jungle Brothers and of course Rap$callion.


This week I only have to work 3.5 days thanks to Good Friday and my obligatory birthday half day. Don't worry though, this abnormal schedule will not effect this blog except that I'll probably be in a better mood which may or may not improve content. Will I crash and burn or make you puke laugh crud straight out your beak? Stay tuned and find out. And let me know what you want more of:

Personal dirt?
Home made beats of the day?
This day in Livejournal history?

I think I might retire that last segment. Every time I try to do one I can't decide on a post to share because most of them are very embarrassing and I sound like an idiot, which is probably how I'll feel in five years reading these entries back. I'm out of here in a puff of sawdust...


cara said...

i request more livejournaling and "personal dirt". those are the best. damn you and your 3.5 days. i can't come to your birthday party, but i can tell you that you're getting a pretty sweet card from all of us in the office!

Duke of Spook said...

Okay, I'll try to find some posts that aren't embarassing. And way to ruin the card surprise. At least I'm getting one this year

kay zee said...

Bistro 990? near Yorkville-ish?

Duke of Spook said...

yeah that one. I had venison and it was deer-licious!

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