July 29, 2009


A little while back I wrote some stuff about hard work and how I didn't think I've worked very hard for anything in my life, which has led me to this current mini-rut I'm kind of in. Since then I've tried reforming my ways to mixed results. The biggest problem is that I still can't tell if I'm working hard. Maybe I've been working hard this whole time and I just didn't realize it, or maybe I've just fooled myself into believing I have. I guess it's all relative just like most things in life (whether or not a girl is a babe or not etc.). In any case, I still feel like I waste a lot of time doing nothing and/or meaningless tasks that yield instant gratification, like cutting my fingernails or putting things in my backpack for the next day.

So I've pretty much stayed the course since we last talked, although I am getting better I think. The weekends are still a total write-off. That's a tough one to break out of. Our whole lives we're taught that the only people who work on weekends are bartenders, shop keeps and those in the sex trade, and when Friday hits we shut down and spend all our money on pizza even though we have food in the fridge. It all boils down to the fact that the avenues I wish to pursue require working when you're done working, so it's like you have two jobs. And because work usually means eye rolls and slumped shoulders, it's tough toast getting it all done.

I bought the movie "Summer Rental" from a convenience store last week and Liv and I watched it on Sunday. It was a family favourite of ours and it holds up quite nicely! Although the final act pretty much sucks shit and comes with the worst overdub in movie history:

If they couldn't get the little girl in the film to do it, then why couldn't they just find another little girl?

Tomorrow you can expect the third issue of "The Hippie-Crite", a comic panel series about a hippie who should change his attitude BIG TIME.

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