July 27, 2009


Of course the Scottage was a great time! What did you expect? That leads us to this month's edition of "THE ONLY PROBLEM WAS" brought to you by coats.

The only problem was the weather. We got there around 4pm ish on Friday and there was a bit of sun, so those of us who were there were determined to make use of it. Stein and I adopted the motto "Dip while the dippin's good", and took to the lake for inhuman activity "swimming".

But then we experienced a classic southern Ontario summer Saturday consisting of off and on rain and no big time heat - that's the kind of heat that allows you to run in rain no problem and splash and slide around and that kind of thing. But don't worry. We still managed to drink several beers, play games and make delicious meals. I made ribbies.

The only other problem was my stomach, which didn't react kindly to the beer, meat sauce, brownies and chips that were fed to it on Friday. Because of this I slept like a moron and was uncomfortable and tired for most of Saturday. But rock n' roll music and peer pressure has taught me that the party must go on and I managed to bounce back nicely for a full night of getting silly.

Images can be located on social networking sites probably. Do some research for a change.


highwaisted said...

maybe you have IBS or something? you think? cause your tummy always hurts? are you lactose intolerant?

Duke of Spook said...

that's what my mom keeps saying. I'm not lactose intolerant I know that much. I should really get a bum test one of these days

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