July 20, 2009


This past weekend I learned some lessons that were borderline valuable. Profitable maybe? You be the judge.

The verdict is babe

I didn't have anything planned on Saturday so I decided I'd try to shop for some new clothes because I've been told that people do that sometimes. Liv and I hit Queen St., the coolest street on Queen St. and took in some of the many boutiques that hock cotton threads. This is where the lesson comes in - I can't shop at these boutiques! The only options a man has when shopping for modern fare is stripes or plaid. I have plenty of that already you yogurt face. After buying a couple of records we finally ended up at a vintage store that once clothed me for a fashion shoot I did for Eye many moons ago so I was in my "comfort matrix". I found a shirt and Liv got a dress and some shoes. Then we ate California sandwiches for obvious reasons.

I learned that unless I'm buying work wear (biz cajjj) I'm going to stick to the thrift and vintage stores that have given me so much in the past. Sorry I momentarily turned my back on you boys - daddy's home and he's brought donuts.

Let's go back in time.

On Friday we took in the Sarah Silverman gala at Massey Hall. Such a gas. The lineup was unbeatable, and the crowd, which was made up of my demographic, enjoyed almost every second. After I went to the Rhino for Ginger's birthday but I didn't take pictures again so it's hard for me to explain the fun had. The reason I don't bring my camera anywhere is because my pockets are already full with cell phone, wallet and matching change purse which is the most feminine part of me next to my fighting ability.


Rachael said...

You should bring T bags clothing shopping with you next time. So that he can try on a ton of shirts and not buy anything.

Duke of Spook said...

I don't even get to the trying on phase. I do a lap, shrug my shoulders and leave

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