July 8, 2009


I don't feel as gruesome yesterday so I went to work. I still have some abdominal pain, but my butt has settled down significantly which means I can venture into the outside world without the fear of there being no bathroom nearby. This is a fear I've had since I was a kid when I was too shy to ask anyone if there was a bathroom nearby so I'd end up relieving myself on the spot. This happened at least three times - a soiling at Cub Camp, and pissings at a monster truck rally and a T-Ball tournament.

A while ago on this blog I talked about how pants can't get any tighter these days. Those who love women's bummies should not take this for granted and should feel free to stare without reprocussion. I also said that the only way things could get crazier is if girls stopped wearing pants altogether and it looks like we're on our way!

Lady Gaga is poised to lead the movement and Rihanna is following in her footsteps, recently opting to go virtually shirtless:

What a town!

On Thursday and Friday I'm leaving Stink City for Smellville, as we embark to Sarnia, Ontario to visit Liv's family and get crazy at Bay Fest, this featuring well known worldwide brand KISS. Instead of normal posts I'll do something silly for you to view. Then on Monday I'll tell you all about everything. Deal? Throw in a ham pie and we'll call it even.


highwaisted said...

um radical. I am not wearing pants or a bra tomorrow!

Duke of Spook said...

The trail has been blazed!

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