July 17, 2009


On Monday I bought a bunch of bananas, a reliable jungle fruit of notorious rapport, whose only downfall is shelf life. The thing I love best about bananas other the their creamy, smooth texture and tropical taste, is the fact that they come in their own package. I don't have to worry about some dick-toucher at the grocery mart handling my bananas because only weird beards eat the peel. Anyway, Liv didn't know I bought these bananas because she's an IDIOT and bought some herself, leaving us with way too many bananas, destined to go bad.

What does a man do when faced with too many bananas???


(banana bread)

My mom used to b-bread all the time during my youth so you might say I have a taste for it. I found a simple recipe online and put my own spin on it by sprinkling sugar on top, ensuring a golden crisp sweet crust. I should've put chocolate chips in too but I had potatoes on my mind because breakfast was fast approaching and I bought too many potatoes the other day.

Tonight we're going to a Just for Laughs gala featuring some of the funniests in North America. I'm probably going to laugh. Stop by here on Monday for a full report and a live feed of me playing hockey with a tennis ball in my living room.

Here's a new cheer:


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