July 3, 2009


Last night I had a dream that Liv and I moved to a farm with a Field of Dreams style baseball diamond. In the dream I was like "Geez, I'm scared of raccoons, how can I run a farm?" When I awoke I got thinking about the old days again and realized that I'm lucky I'm not from the era of agriculture. I'm the least handy guy there is. My most hated thing in the world is probably modular furniture because of the assembly. So if lived back in frontier times, what occupation would I hold?

I guess I'd be a writer, a musician, a baker or just a tormented soul who is forced to work against his passions, slaving in the bean fields and rhubarb patches. It'd sort of be like being gay I suppose. Speaking of which, what do homosexual males thinks of female breasts? Do they:

a) Think nothing of them.
b) Wish they had them.
c) Still kind of like them.

I should ask one of my gay friends. I'm pretty sure the answer is a) but it probably varies from person from person.

While on this topic, do you think the popularity of the female bosom amongst straight males will ever diminish? Their approval rating has remained at 100% for centuries, but maybe one day boobs will fall out of fashion and breast reductions will be en vogue amongst the rich and famous. Stranger things have happened - OJ being found innocent, Michael Jackson turning into a white alien, George Bush being re-elected, the fact that on of the world's most popular drink is the milk of other animals etc. At the end of the day, us humans are just a crazy, well designed bunch of guys!

Welcome to the weekend all you great children of adults - let's party

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