July 23, 2009


MOVIE REVIEW - Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

I love Harry Potter as much as the next cool adult, but Half-Blood Prince was probably my least favourite out of all the books, so going into the film adaptation I wanted chocolate cake but was expecting crackers and ginger beer.

I give full winks to the way the film looked - the special effects were extra special and the whole thing looked dark without being too dark - kind of like Nine Inch Nails.

The acting was just fine, with the core cast doing a great job at conveying awkward teen romance while being wizards. I think I've said it before, but I think Radcliffe, Grint and Watson are great little actors and seemingly better human beings, which can't really be said of the American scrotes who live in Hollywood and who believe they're more important than technology itself. Yeah right! Do they even know what kind of an impact Twitter is having? Laughable.

The main reason I'm not giving this picture an "A+" along with a stellar parent-teacher interview that goes way past its allotted time because both parties couldn't stop praising the child, is because the story just isn't that good. I remember finishing the book and thinking most of it was spent preparing the reader for the ending. Nothing else really happened. The same thing happened in the adapted screen version and will probably happen again the in book based on the film based on the book, which doesn't exist yet, but maybe will in the future because everything just seems to get sillier around here on Earth, right?

This weekend myself and friends take our annual trip to my friend Scott's family cottage, or "Scottage" for Canadian summer fun. Last summer it rained cats and piss all weekend so our good time wasn't 100%. If that happens again this year I'm going to flip my lid.

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