July 2, 2009


Hi there! Back to work for some of you? Yeah me too. I had a damn fine Canada Day. On Canada Day Eve my friends and I donned our sailing whites and hit the Boat for a CanCon dance party. We actually just wore regular clothes. We all drank a lot of beers and rang in the birth of our nation the best way possible - by honouring its excellent music as well as its mediocre. A mixed bag of nutties! I barfed green at 4:30am.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling so hot but still managed to play a game of catch, eat a burger and watch fireworks from a condominium window and they were like bow pow bingle bam. I think that was about as good the day was going to get so I feel I really maximized my time.

At first I was peeved at the idea of a mid-week Canada Day, but surprisingly I'm really enjoying it. Thursday feels like Monday, so Friday will feel like Tuesday, but since it's actually Friday which is generally the best day, my mind will experience a pang of ecstasy at the thought of a weekend when physically it feels like Wednesday and Thursday. And then NEXT week I only work Monday to Wednesday so Thursday will feel like like a Saturday, Friday like a Sunday and then Saturday will feel like Saturday and Sunday will feel like Sunday and then everything will go back to normal for a bit.

I hope you're enjoying the resurrection of "Graffiti Classics", which began as a writing-on-desks-in-university ritual, continuing today in modern digital. New feature!

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