July 21, 2009


Plug of the afternoon

Last night I went to see my friends in Toronto's Sunday Night Live at Comedy Bar, hosted by veteran comedy guy Jerry Minor and the show was hot potatoes with garlic butter. The reason I mention this is because they do it every Sunday at 9:00pm and you should grace them with your presence one of these days. The only acceptable excuse not to go would be if you eat shit.

Is that costume up there supposed to be sexual? Because it most certainly is. That should be the cover of AC/DC's next album. Or it should've been the cover of the "Plug Me In" DVD instead of this grampa'd thing. It'd be a good experiment to see if grizzled rock fans even give a darn about packaging.

"This cover seems gay or weird of somethin', but it's AC/DC so I'm confused."
"Are you going to buy or not Kirk? These frozen chicken wings are melting, I gotta pick up my kid from Destiny's house and make it home in time to feed my mutt."
"I'll get it, but I ain't keeping the sleeve."
"Can I have it?"
"What for?"
"That broad has tits don't she?"
"I guess."

The title of that play is "That's the way love goes"

Time for a caption contest - the universal game where you get to poke fun at an image of my choosing.

After his one man band "Octopus Dude" failed to impress record execs, Cliff turned to the dark aid of Wiccan princess Eliza who blessed his guitar with evil prayers whilst in her rumpus room.


Ladies and gentlemen... HOME SCHOOLING


Christmas with the Turd family.

Now you try some. You can swear if you want. I didn't but don't let that stop you.

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