July 10, 2009


I'm on vacation still. I'm probably doing this:

Except I'm not in a swamp but rather a lakeside backyard.

I like to think that the woman in the yellow and the younger guy were working the grill and beard man was in the swamp playing hacky sack and working up quite the appetite. He looked over and saw the two mishandling the meat - pressing burgers, poking at sausages etc. and was like "Ah Hell. I been lookin' forward to this here ber-b-q since Easter Sunday and I ain't gonna let no yellow coated broad or a silly-coated pencil neck geek ruin my feed. Shove over stretch I'm takin' over!"

So he got on the grill and made the best sausages, while teaching the other two how to do it right.

Enjoy the weekend! It's the vacation everyone gets but still isn't as fun as a regular vacation. It's like a free giveaway at an event, you know?

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