July 1, 2009


Happy Canada Day! You're still a teenager in country years.

I wish I had the patience to compile a Douglas Coupland style list of unique Canadian things that I like, but as far as lists go if the content isn't available off the top of my head I don't bother. Here are some tidbits regardless because it's Canada's birthday and it's the one day in the year we all feel proud to be nice guys.

The best Canada Day I've had in recent memory was a few years ago when I was in London. It was toward the end of a European Tour and we went to this Canadian Pub to celebrate. I was feeling homesick but when we started partying the homesickness gave way to a sense of pride as we sipped Moosehead, listened to Tom Cochrane and ate poutine. It's kinda shit that I had to go to a different country to feel that way, but whatever works, right?

I felt the same way when my sister and I were in California and we saw the Tragically Hip in San Francisco. I don't like it when people nay say the Hip. If some guy from another nation was like "show me some Canadian music" I'd make him listen to the Hip for sure. If you disagree you can just frig out of here and eat some Haw Flakes in a dark corner.

I'm pretty Canadian. Hockey is one of my favourite things, I like our beer a whole lot and I love it when Canadians get world famous. When I went to San Francisco the first time, my friends and I were at a bar and talking to some locals when I started flashing my Health Card around and bragging about how easy it is if we get sick or injured.

So important

That's pretty much it for the Canada Day edition. Not the best, not the worst, just right. Stay tuned for my 4th of July BLOWOUT, where I heap praise upon Uncle Sam and his friends Abe Lincoln and Arnold Palmer.

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