July 28, 2009


I was going to draw a new Hippie-Crite cartoon, but when you have no drawing skills whatsoever, a six panel silly takes a long time even though the end product appears to have taken five minutes. Sorry mom!

While Google image searching, I recently came across a treasure bowl of scans from some family. This calls for investigation. I'll show some pictures and try to figure out what the family is like - so it's basically another caption thing. You like those, right?

No offense to your tastes or anything, but if you don't think this picture is cowabunga then you should hit the books and go back to cool school. When I first looked at it I think it was a guy with streamers on his nose, about to hit the park to feed the ducks while slamming some martinis. His granddaughter was appalled by his breath and that other person was mad that he was blocking the piano. Upon closer inspection it seems that the streamers on his nose is actually some sort of breathing apparatus and that cocktail shaker is maybe some oxygen - although I'm pretty sure it is a cocktail shaker. And that's DEFINITELY bread.

There's plenty more where that came from. I'm now going to use one to create a poster for elementary school libraries all over Canada.

I was watching MTV's "16 and Pregnant" last night and I got the feeling that the daddy had a kid just so he could get a tattoo of his baby's name - "Bentley". That's a dumb name alright, but when you're 16 you are dumb so it's no big deal. That'd even be a stupid name for a dog. Oh well. I'm no scientist myself.


highwaisted said...

haha that's my mom's cat's name.

and that was a lot of apostrophe s's.

do you ever watch that show ' i didn't know i was pregnant' or something like that and bitches actually give birth and they didnt even know they had a friggin baby inside of them. holy crap thats preposterous!

Duke of Spook said...

yeah man, that show is whack. I think they must be in such a state of denial that they convince themselves they're just fat or something.

Anonymous said...

just like the girl's mom's cat above.

-nikki w

Duke of Spook said...

I would've thought Garth's cats would be named after members of the back 2 back world series champion toronto blue jays. Or does he not mix business with pleasure?

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